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DFSK EC35 Electric Van side view

DFSK EC35 Electric Van

100% electric van, with 268km driving range on a single charge, an extra-large cargo carrier of up to 4.8m³ loading space and a 1,090kg payload.

DFSK EC31 Electric Van lorry view

DFSK EC31 Electric 10ft Lorry

A pure electric cargo lorry, which is versatile, and features an extra-large space with better loading capacity.

BYD T3 Electric Van Vanzey Wrap

BYD T3 Electric Van

A 100% electric van with low energy consumption and high performance, featuring up to 300km driving range on a single charge.

Wallbox Commander 2 Black

Wallbox Commander 2 Wall Charger

Specially designed for semi-public or corporate parking zones. Featuring an intuitive 7-inch touch screen that allows a personal user interface and simple user management.

Aurora Wall Charger Front View

Aurora Wall Charger

Stylish and sleek, the Aurora controls the time and power of charging and manages the load curve of the distribution transformer. It was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award 2021; recognising it for its design excellence.

Venus 30 DC Charger

The first-ever 30 kW DC Charger in Singapore, Venus 30 has a strong weatherproof hull, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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