Vanzey Aurora Series Wall Charger

Stylish and sleek, Aurora AC Charger can be used for both private and public charging applications. The Aurora looks extraordinary, featuring an enchanting triangle LED in its elegant, streamlined and unique body. It controls the time and power of charging and manages the load curve of the distribution transformer. It was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award 2021; recognising it for its design excellence.

Why get Aurora 7/11/22?

  • 7 / 11 / 22 kW AC Wall Charger
  • Compatible with All EVs
  • iF Design Award Winner
  • CE, TR25:2016 Singapore Certified
  • Outdoor and Indoor Use
  • Wall or Column-Mounted
  • Charge & Earn™ (Charge Point Operator (CPO))
Great for battery capacity
Great for Battery Capacity <80 kW
Fast charging time
4 – 8 hours charging time*
EV maintenance
$50 Monthly Maintenance Fee (for CPO only)
Vanzey Product Technical Specifications
Input Current Rating (AC Output)Aurora 7.4 kWInput Voltage (V): 230
Input Phase: 1-Phase
Input Current (A): 32
Aurora 11 kW Input Voltage (V): 400
Input Phase: 3-Phase
Input Current (A): 16
Aurora 22 kW Input Voltage (V): 400
Input Phase: 3-Phase
Input Current (A): 32
Installation and Accessories (Aurora Pole)Charger Stand Dimension1,220 x 50 x 150 mm
(1.2 x 0.05 x 0.15m)
Extended Charging Cable
Aurora 7 / 11 / 22 (Standard 5m)
7m Cable
Status IndicatorsRGB LED
Operating Temperature-30°C – 50°C
Storage Temperature-40°C – 70°C
Humidity5% – 95% no condensation
Altitude≤ 2,000 m
Activation ModeRFID Key Card
Mobile Application
Connectivity4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, RS485, PLC

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* AC charging time dependent on vehicle’s onboard charger.
Product images are for illustrative purposes only.